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Hythes Health is a small family-owned retailer of premium quality raw unprocessed honey.

Our family operates a honey farm (apiary) in Western Australia, producing quality raw unprocessed honey since 1990.

Our beehives in Australia
Raw unprocessed honey is honey that has not been heat-processed or filtered. Processing honey removes and destroys much of the health-promoting qualities of the honey.
Eucalyptus flowers

We use traditional methods and DO NOT filter or heat-treat our honey. It therefore retains its natural phytonutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, propolis, pollen, vitamins and minerals for your good health.

Find out why raw unprocessed honey is good for your health. Click here!

Due to its clean pollution-free environment, unique flora and climate, Australian honey is ranked amongst the best in the world. Find out more!

We sell our raw unprocessed honey through retail stores as well as directly. Check out our honey and gift product range.

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More of our beehives in the Australian bush
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NEW! We now have our own Bee Movie! See how we harvest and extract our unprocessed raw honey!


NEW! Repel ants from your honey jar! Check out our unique new Anti-Ant Donut!


NEW! The antimicrobial activity levels of our raw Jarrah honey is laboratory certified!


NEW! Take honey at bedtime and lose weight while you sleep? Yes please! Read it here!


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